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WRAT IV Academic Placement Test

The WRAT-4 is an invaluable educational planning tool for home-schooling families who want to obtain accurate and impartial documentation of their student’s academic progress and grade level verification. 

WRAT 4 reports are used for:
      Improving or validating the efficacy of your home education program
       Building your student’s education portfolio
       Easing the mind of a "concerned" relative
       Academic Goal setting
·       Communicating with your student about academic goals 
       Admission process to Baywood Learning Center
       Advocating grade level advancement for a student in regular school

Baywood Learning Center has selected this test to assess gifted students because it is low stress, yet still fun for the students who like to take tests. It's administered in a nonjudgmental, relaxed atmosphere and can be completed with accuracy in a short period of time. The WRAT-4 is available to any family who would like to measure student academic proficiency or those who plan to enroll their students at Baywood.  Minimum age for this test is 5 years old.

The fee is only $325.00.   The fee includes test administration, data compilation and assessment, a detailed written report and a follow up educational consultation of up to one hour.
If you are interested in having your child take this invaluable test, please fill out the form on the right.
While not everyone feels testing is necessary to validate learning progress, many parents are interested in having an unbiased measurement of student progress in academic mastery.

Only $325 provides for this important testing service. Includes a full written report.


JANUARY 19TH, Walnut Creek
February 23rd, San Leandro
May 17th, Peninsula
July 20th, Oakland
November 16th, San Leandro

to three students per date!
Register today!

For a WRAT- 4 testing please provide the following information:
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January 19th, Walnut Creek
February 23, San Leandro
May 17th, Peninsula
July 20th, Oakland
November 16th, San Leandro
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Description of the WRAT4

The WRAT4 is a norm-referenced test that measures the basic academic skills of word reading, sentence comprehension, spelling, and math computation.  It was standardized on a representative national sample of over 3,000 individuals ranging in age from 5-94 years.  The normative sample was selected according to a stratified national sampling procedure with proportionate allocation controlled for age, gender, ethnicity, geographic region, and parental/obtained education as an index of socioeconomic status.

In addition to providing derived scores and interpretive information for the subtests, the WRAT4 also yields a Reading Composite score, obtained by combining the Word Reading and Sentence Comprehension standard scores.

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