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Waiver of Liability

Liability Waiver for BLC Activity
I understand acknowledge and agree to the following:
This is a legally binding agreement between  the parent or guardian of the below named minor child participant and Baywood Learning Centers (BLC), an education program based in the county of Alameda. This waiver is intended to provide a comprehensive release of liability, but not intended to assert any claims or defenses that are prohibited by law.
I hereby declare that I am at least 18 years old, that I release and forever discharge Baywood Learning Centers (BLC) and their respective officers, owners, members, advisors, directors, volunteers, partners, employees, educators, agents, representatives, landlord, independent contractors, affiliated persons, entities  (collectively, the Released Persons) from any and all liabilities, claims, causes of action, demands of any kind, including without limitation for any harm, loss, property damage, personal injury or death for myself or minor child resulting from the use of facilities or equipment and/or attending, enrolling and/or participating in events, workshops or any other activities sponsored by, offered through or associated with Baywood Learning Centers.
I understand that some activities which are scheduled to be outdoors may occur in and around creeks, canyons, beaches, park and open space areas which may not be maintained for public use. I am aware that potential hazards to health and safety include but are not limited to: rough terrain, unmaintained paths, tides, wildlife, poison oak, and tool use. I understand that I alone am responsible for evaluating my child's physical abilities and limitations regarding these activities, and I assume any and all risks of injury and harm (including death) related to my child's participation.
This Release is binding for risks and liabilities being released that may arise out of ordinary negligence or carelessness of one or more Released Persons, but not gross negligence.
This Release is binding on my legal representatives, parents, guardians, heirs and assigns.

 Image Copyrights
BLC retains all rights, title and interest to use any photos, footage or audio recording of my child and/or myself during my participation in BLC activities. I agree to allow photos or recordings that may be taken by BLC of me, my child and/or my child’s work to be used for educational purposes. Images may be used on the Baywood website, brochure and other related printed, digital or video material used to promote educational programs. 

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As parent or legal guardian of the minor child named below, I give my consent to allow my child to participate in  the activity listed below  and I agree to assume full responsibility for any associated risks and liabilities on my child’s behalf under the terms and conditions stated above.
I agree to  review and read any Rules and Behavior Expectations that are provided with my child to help ensure they are upheld and followed.

Name of Activity, c lass, workshop:
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Name and age of your minor child:
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I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions
I do not agree to the above terms and conditions. I understand I will not be allowed to enroll.
Signed, parent, please type your full legal name:
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