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Private School Satellite Program (PSP)

What is a PSP?
A California PSP (aka Private School Satellite Program) is a private school registered with the State of California through an annual filing of the R4 Affidavit that allows home-schoolers to enroll in its distance learning program.

When you sign up, your student becomes enrolled and you become a teacher (of your own children) in that school at your home. Your name and address do not appear on the public State Affidavit, but the PSP is required to keep certain student records which include a listing of each teacher and his/her qualifications.  PSPs will provide services which vary from program to program.

In the case of the BLC-PSP, we endeavor to outline on this page the services we provide in the administration of our PSP program. BLC's PSP modalities and systems are especially designed to serve gifted (high ability) learners.

As with all private schools, the filing of an Affidavit is not an endorsement made by the State for any school. Parents should endeavor to find out if the PSP offers the services they need/expect.

For more details and enrollment information click here: More about BLC's PSP

One of the reasons so many families with gifted children choose to home-school is to achieve the freedom to accelerate and to accommodate the various learning styles of their student/s.

BLC's PSP program will assist you to design and implement a home learning program that supports your gifted learner.


Enrollment info on next page: More about BLC PSP

Private School Satellite
Services Included

Record keeping and CDE compliance*

Curriculum Consultation (with gifted learner expertise)*

Academic Placement Testing**

Priority Seating in BLC's popular Enrichment Workshops**


Field Trips**

Special Subject Tutoring**

*included in annual tuition

** additional fees apply