Baywood Learning Centers
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Location and Facilities
BLC Facilities and the Optimum Learning Environment for Gifted Learners

When it comes to educating gifted students the learning environment plays a crucial role in both learning and socialization.  Highly and profoundly gifted students are often hyper sensitive and some may even struggle with sensory processing  disorder or ADHD.

Because of the sensitivity issues in the gifted population we have made it our priority to locate learning spaces which have the features that work best for the gifted population we serve.  We  have identified multiple locations  around the San Francisco Bay Area that fit our criteria of providing both suitable environments and ​cost-effective for our new program.

Community Partners
These places are our "Community Partners" and include  libraries, museums, colleges, recreation centers, cultural centers, churches, etc. Final decisions on precise classroom locations will be made in concert with the enrolling families.  

Each BLC program will operate in three geographically clustered locations local to enrolled families in our part-time program.

As an example:
Mondays will be at location A
Tuesdays will be at location B
Wednesdays at location C

The community of learners and staff remain the same each day as does the structure of our gifted learning program. With this innovative approach we remain focused on the unique needs of our learners and their families while we expand to serve more students in more communities around the San Francisco Bay Area.


San Francisco Bay Area

First Locations
We are currently focusing our geographical attention on areas in and near Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley, but we also have Community partners in San Leandro, San Francisco, San Jose and Silicon Valley. We will open in these additional locations as the wait lists for those locations reach capacity.

The Community Partner spaces shown below exemplify the ambiance, natural light and openness we require for our learning spaces.