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Junior Grade for Gifted Students


BLC Junior Grade is a special education program serving gifted (sensitive, intense, creative) learners ages 4-6 who may be performing at any academic level.

Featuring individual acceleration, with an abundance of art and play-based learning, this program offers academics tailored to the needs of individual learners, while addressing areas of challenge in a safe and dynamic system of support.

This exciting new micro program for young gifted learners is accepting enrollment now. The BLC enrollment process invites prospective students to take part in an enrichment activity as a sample session. BLC activities allow everyone to make an informed decision about enrollment in our program.  
Please use the form on this page at right to "get the proverbial ball rolling" and find out more before applying for our gifted education program.

After your learner has experienced an enrichment activity, and you have met with our Director/s, you will know more about how our school for gifted operates and we will know if we will be able to serve your learner's needs well enough to recommend placement of your student. Due to the high demand for this program, serious parents are encouraged to be proactive to secure a placement for their gifted learner.


Building Critical Thinking Skills
We assist our learners to develop critical thinking skills by allowing them, as much as possible, to make meaningful choices about their day and curriculum in a supportive environment.
Young learners in the BLC program are supported in developing self motivation and self direction by being allowed to participate in the planning and creation of their learning program. The curriculum is integrated with play and fun activities designed to build the important pre-academic soft skills of working memory, social skills, patience and listening. As much as possible our learners are included in decision making about their own learning plan.

Enrollment Steps for 2018-2019
1. Fill out the form below
2. Meet with the Director/s
3. Student attends BLC activity
4. Invitation to enroll
5. Submit Application by deadline
6. Invitation to enroll
7. Enroll by deadline

Junior Grade (ages 4-6)
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In which program for gifted are you interested?
Hybrid-Homeschool, 3 days a week
Full time, M-F
PSP, distance learning only
In which academic calendar are you interested?
6 months, April-September 2018
9 months, Sept-June 2018-19
12 months, including summer camps
Please tell us why you're considering alternative education and let us know a little about your learner's needs:
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To be notified about new enrollment opportunities, parent support groups and other events please join our private, moderated Yahoo Announcement Group where we post about our activities and programs. To join just click the Yahoo icon above.