Baywood Learning Centers
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Baywood Learning Centers is the only educational model designed by children who love to learn for children who love to learn.  The goal of Baywood is not to prepare the learners to live out the dreams of well intentioned caretakers, but to empower them to as fully as possible, self actualize and live their own dreams. Click here for more about our philosophy.

Program Description

Baywood Learning Centers is a non-profit, nondenominational, educational resource program serving the unique learning needs of children with advanced cognitive abilities and heightened sensitivities.  It is our mission to provide an environment where the passions of gifted children are appreciated and supported.  We endeavor to keep the joy and spark for learning alive.


Baywood Learning Center is an ever-changing and evolving structure, where families, educators and learners participate together to create exciting and dynamic learning programs in an environment that supports individual goals.  Each learner at Baywood has a completely unique curriculum designed to serve their unique learning style, special interests and academic needs.  At Baywood Learning Center, the child's interests, abilities, learning style, family culture and emotional and physical state are the focal points that drive the learning curriculum. 


The learners work with Mentors in "Pods" of 5 to 8 learners in the group. The Mentor primary role is as a guide helping and encouraging the journey towards self actualization and discovery of their interconnectedness with the community. Sometimes the primary goal is as simple as respite and social engagement as a way of regaining a lost passion for learning after a bad school experience. 


Our students are active participants in their learning process and are encouraged to take an active part in the design of their individual curriculum.  By integrating learners into the process of the  educational planning with as much transparency as possible, each learner attains optimum engagement to become fully invested in their personal education.

Baywood's campus 2007-2011

Baywood Learning Center launched in 2007. It took a few years of trial and error to discover the quintessential education model  for highly and profoundly gifted learners. Supported by the "giants" in the gifted community, our initial guides were legendary Dr. Annamarie Roeper, Dr. Linda K. Silverman, and Anne Beneventi, but it was the learners themselves from whom the most clear direction was received. 

Word of our success was getting out and we were being deluged with enrollment inquiries. At about that same time, late in 2009, our founder and director sustained a serious traumatic brain injury. Our program closed temporarily while she recovered. In 2011 the decision was made to leave our small campus and prepare for an expansion.
In 2012 we closed operations as a corporation and reopened under a new but similar legal name Baywood Learning Centers (plural) to reflect our multiple programs and community focus.
Recently BLC has been operating as an enrichment program serving home-school families and public schools, while seeking a new suitable campus.

Although we are still seeking our own facility, through our "Community Partners" we now have access to adequate learning space to expand our program. Now, for the first time in a few years, we are accepting some limited enrollment for our new programs! Seats are opening in each level one at a time, limited to 5 students per enrollment session. Please join our Yahoo announcement group to be notified of enrollment openings.


For more about our Learners, click here: highly gifted children

"We value good questions over good answers" Grace Neufeld, Baywood Director