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If you have an "Outside-the-Box" learner,
you need an "Outside-the-Box" alternative education!

Lets face it, the traditional education model of
"one-size-fits-all" fits

Supporting Alternative Education for Asynchronous (gifted) Learners
Baywood Learning Center is the only gifted education program developed by gifted children for gifted children. Founded by a mother of an exceptionally gifted child, our motivation has always been love.  The program was specifically developed for the needs of highly gifted (sensitive) children because our founder was unable to find a program that would work for the intense learning needs of her child. Our success is built on our unique model of developing an individualized curriculum for each learner.  

While it is true we could make a lot more money by following the traditional model of "herding" large numbers of students through standards in  rigid grades or classes, we opt instead to serve small numbers of truly unique learners who deserve a customized curriculum.
The Baywood Learning Center model honors the uniqueness of each learner with an individualized program, which addresses the strengths, challenges and special interests of each student.